Whenever someone mentions his best films, he or she must also mention that this selection is done at what age, as selection gets greatly influenced by one’s age.

Selecting best films at the age of 20 will be quite different from making this selection on reaching the age 30 or 40 and so on.

Therefore age is a factor which indirectly conveys the evolution of the particular person who is selecting them. But evolution cannot be taken as a measure of one’s intelligence scale. These are just different stages of life which influence our liking for particular films.

Secondly, every person has his own liking and disliking for a particular film, so it is entirely a personal choice and no one can claim that his choice is better than the others.

My choice of best ten Hindi films (at the age 50 years) is as follows (in order of ranking):


  1. Garam hawa
  2. Kagaz ke phool
  3. Pyasa

4  Lage raho  Munna Bhai

  1. Anand

6  Chupke chupke

7 Guide

8 Mughle Azam

9  Gangs of Waasseypur (part 1 )

10 .Munna Bhai  MBBS

Few more films (mentioned below) were also quite close to making to the top ten, therefore worth a mention;

11 .Paakeeza

12  Lajwanti

  1. Teesri kasam
  2. Saheb Biwi aur Gulam
  3. Taare Zameen Par
  4. Aligarh


Some of my non-Hindi favourite films are:


  1. I, Daniel Blake
  2. Killa (by Avinash Arun)
  3. Wintersleep
  4. King speech
  5. Birdman
  6. The Artist
  7.  Pather Panchali
  8. Harishchandra chi Factory (Marathi)

Please share your top ten films…


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top ten hindi movies

whenever some one is selecting  best films , he or she forgot to mention that this  selection is done at what age?. As selection gets very much influenced by ones age who is selecting it.
 if one is selecting his best films at a age of 20 years then this will  be quite a different selections  versus  the same person does his selection  when he reaches 30 or 40 and so  on.
. Therefore Age is a factor which indirectly conveys the  evolution  of  the particular person who is selecting them. But evolution cannot be taken as a measure of ones intelligence.These are just different stages of life which influences  your liking for particular films.
Second  most important thing to be mentioned is that every person  has  his own liking and disliking for a particular film , so it is entirely a personal choice and no one can claim that my  choice is better then the other.
My choice of best ten hindi films( at the age 47  years) is  as follows and the top in ranking are placed first and so on
1. Garam hawa
2. Mughle Azam
3. Sholey
4. Guide
5  Lage raho  munna bhai
6. Chupke Chupke
7 Do bheega Zameen
8  Gangs of Waasseypur ( part 1)
9. Munna Bhai  MBBS
10). Kaagaz ke Phool
  below four more films  were also came quite close to making it to the top ten , therefore worth a mention
11 . Pyaasa
12 Anand
13. Teesri kasam
14. Saheb Biwi aur Gulam
please share your top ten films.
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Guzarish — donn know to call it a painting or a poem

i thought while i was writng my last blog(top films of 2010  )I had  never ever imagined that i would like to add any other  future films in that list in the coming months ( remaining time of november and December ) ,,,,,,,,,,,But to my pleaseant surprise GUZAARISH ,,, which i saw today tops the list,, yes it tops the list ,, because making such a bigger project and keeping it so special from the starting frame till the very last frame  .

I had made up my mind to see this movie  after i enjoyed its lovly songs  on TV and in between i tweeted to convey my feeling that some how it is giving me the feel of pakeezah and pyasa. Till that time i was comparing the looks of the movie with these classics,, but after seeing it today i am more then convinced by the direction style of sanjay leela  bhansali which makes it a very special film He once again proves that this  is not only  medium of music , dilaouge, looks or  visulas , etc but  is also a medium which can take you to the dream land , each frame of it can be a feel of heaven , its so special feeling in this flight to to the other world with sanjay leela. To enjoy this movie one has to leave behind logic ( as we do in comedy) then only one can relish the each and every moment of the this very special film. Only the reviews of Ajay  Bhramataj ( OF DANIK JAGRAN) does justice to the film ( even the tweeets of komal nahta and Taran adarsh also says the same in different words)  .The same way , one cant see the air or smell  but has to feel it  same way is the feeel of this movie you can not disect these kind of movies logically  .It takes you in different word , every song is toooooooooooooooo  good and every word in the song is  important for the film by telling the mind of the characters.Sanjay leela scores full marks in Music but it takes time ( except udi  udi) to seep inside you but then  only a music lover can feeel the depth of the it.

Krithik  Roshan its easily his lifes best performace  till date which he himself will also agree (which he almost did in his interivew with masand) aishwariya ever after loosing the the label of top selling heroine  but she is top actress that no body can deny after looking at this performace. Shahnaz patel leaves her mark as krithik friend and lawyer and also the performace of suhel  seth ( as doctor) also is worth noticing as this  is his debut film i assume .  camera work is is like jaadu …………..every frame seems like a painting ,,,,,

FINAL WORD  AND    WARNING 🙂 this film will apeal ONLY  to  emotional people , people who love art , painting, poetry romance and music,,, and to the people who liked pakeezah,pyaasa,razia sultan,megha dhaka tara,jodha akbar,kagaz ke phool etc,,, hats off  to sanjay leela bhansali for giving us this Gem.ITS A MUST WATCH .

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2010 -top Hindi films

This always remain important  to know what are the most important films of one,s life.Top films wo films hoti hai  jo  mere scale par top hai , aur kisi list mei bhee wo top par ho  ye bilkul zaroori nahi hai.Film ek bahut hee personal liking kee cheez hai isliye ye kehna kee aapkee pasandeeda film meri pasand kee kyu nahi hai is ka jawab dena bahut mushkil hai.

Top film ka matlab meri liya hai ,, over all film  na kee sirf photo graphy , ya sirf music , ya sirt action ,, make up etc  etc .

pehle koshish karta hu to list the most important films of year 2010.

1. ishqia ,

Aaj mai  sochta hu ki ISHQIA  wo film hai jisme naseerudin shayad abtak sabse jayda natural lage hai( next as per me  is masoom)  bilkul underline nahi kiya hai character ko zor zor se dialouge bolkar ya aaankhe nikaal kar  etc etc.

 Arshad warsi ,, ke ab tak ke filmi jeevan ke ye sabse khaas filmo mei se ek hai ,, aur jinko mai sabse khaas samajhta hu wo obviously hai ,, munna bhai MBBS , Lage raho munna bhai , aur ek teesri film hai arshad kee sabse pehli film Tere mere Sapne ,, kamaal kee acting and he had faded chardrchood singh completely in that film.

ISHQIA  ka sabse bada surprise Bomb tha VIDYA BALAN .Nobody had expected that she can do justice to this role,, par  film dekhne ke baad lagta hai ke role shayad unke alawa koi aur kar hee nahi sakta tha,, ten out of ten for her.

Behtareen direction , perfect maahol create kiya hai , aaas paas ke sabhi actors ne kamaal ke acting kee hai aur the most important thing is darshak poori tarah se film mei badha rehta hai , maza leta hai , enjoy karta hai ,, vidya ko paane kee khawaish karta hai ,,,

debut film is kadar behtareen direction ,, full marks to Abhishek chaubey ,, jagah jagah vishal bhardawaj kee omkara kee chaap dikhai padti hai par kum nahi lagti.vishal bhardawaj ka behtareen music aur gulzar ke perfect situation matching lyrics …for me it scores 4.5 starts.

sift ek kumi lagti hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,, not kumi ,,, actually ,, ek feeling aaathi hai ke shayad ye bahut hee kum female darshako ko pasand aayegee jaise kee Omkara ke saath bhee tha. For males is a wow film.

2. LSD

This is my second best film of 2010.Dibakar banerjee ne is film mei film making ke saare thumb rules tod diye aur uske baawajood ek behtareen film banaiye hai.This as per me is a cult film,, one which will set and open new trends , .Mere khayal se Dibakar banerjee kee ab tak banayee teen filmo mei se ye sirf sabse uper hee nahi ,, bahut uper hai .This film belong only and only to  Dibakar as the kind of big risk he has taken this shows his self confidence and understanding of the medium.I thoroghly  enjoyed it .Here again there is one thing that i would like to mention this film also will not be liked by girls( in genral i m sure there will be exceptions but only exceptions) .I am doubtful that many males also have not liked it and felt like ke director ne thug liye as there is no skin show in the movie which would have expected.And full marks to its very attractive poster.

3. Peepli Live.

salaam to anusha rizvi ( and offcourse her husband and co director)  and  aamir khan .

Sab kuch acha,, right message, , entertaining,, great music, engaging,, hard hitting.

sirf ek shikyayat ,,,, thodi over the top ho gayi thee specially when discribing about media .Par ye ek choti see baat hai else film was very special .Even i heard shyam bengal reffering it as a cult film which i too agree.Thanks to aamir khan for spending money on such project and then taking it to such large people.Great efforts of every member of the team.The only shikayat,,, in one of the interviews in Indian Express anusha and her husband criticised amir for just two small non agreements ,, 1. he didnt liked the song ( sakhi sayia to khoob hee kamaat hai)  and 2.  he at the end of the film proposed to show a placard ,, mentioning these many numbers of farmers do sucide in India.These suggestion were not acceptable to director couple and they felt unhabby about amir.

As a producer ,, who has spent 6 crores on a new director i think he has that much of right to interfere as it was his money.But this is my point of view ANUSHA has the right for her point of view.But this will remain a great film .We wish this film great luck in OSCARS.As obama has visited this years to India we hope indian film on indian subject  film bring the oscar too.

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kaam ka plot– review

today , 7th of Nov 2010, was having the so called WORLD PREMIER of kaam ka plot film  on zoom TV. The name of ranvir added a bit curiosity and also the music of vishal bhardawaj.As i understood from the tweet of masand that the director is one of his friend Minty Tejpal therefore he stopped himself from giving his recommendation for the film. So there were no reviews before the movie started on ZOOM at 3pm.

At the start movie set moving  in a right way . l\Lagta that it will built up into a good thriller.But as the times passes you can feel the director is not clear that is he trying to make real film  ( which becomes clear from the scenes of  his friends of jhuggi jhopdi and with their standard of living and also by the character of ranvirs wife showing her in very normal day to day chores)  and then in some scenes it film looks very bollywoodish types,, like accepting us to belive  that   the thana ( police station) ranvir and vinay  they have set up  was naqli ,, and in thana they have created a staff with a jail locker kind, room also, expecting us to belive that in bombay sets can be made for any thing and a smart gir like mridul l( as they have projected) can be fooled so easily.

About the plot , in the strart it generates curiosity ,, but when it actually opens up you feel like that the director is underestimating its viewers so much.Lagta hai thug liya director ne humko ya khud ke saath majaak kiya hai .Thriller jaisee baat nahi hai , production value kaafi nichle star kee hai ,, lagta hai paise kum the .Music mei vishal bhardawaj ka naam kyu hai samajh nahi aata, shayad vishal agar chahe to apna naam is film se aaaj jodna bhee na chaahe.

Acting , ranvir is okie, as there is nothing to do for him much, Mridul ,, is looking fat , and not at all glamrous which was the need of the film , Only comic relief is Vinay Pathak ,, he is good,,,,,,,,,,, and that is the only reason that this film get  one star from me.

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meri zindagi ka pehla blog

 today is deepawali ,,, so i wish happy deewali to all.

 a great day to start a new thing

 har cheez ek baar kahi se shuru hoti hai  aur har cheez kee koi wazah hoti hai.Meri is shuruwaad ki wajah hai ek dost, Arvind arora, who lives , eat ,drink only cinema.He is the one who convinced me today that i must start writing a blog.He feels my views about movies are unbiased and speaks the real sentiments of the filmgoers( thats his point of view and i took it as a compliment too)  so i am starting writing my first blog.

this blog will be  about moives, and mostly about hindi movies only.the language that i will use will be Hinglish ( not hindi not english) as most of the hindi film lovers think in hinglish so why not write that in the same language.As per it is always easy to write in the language in which you think.

i feel happy that i am not a professional whoes job is to review movies ,, warna duniya jaha kee saari filme dekhni padti apne kaam to poora karne ke liye.Jaise kee film critics becharo ko har film dekhni padti hai chahe dekhne se pehle p[ata hai ke unko dekhna ek saza se kum nahi hai .j. Jiase kee , pre deewali week mei release huee 4 filmo ko dekhne ke bahut himmat kee jaroorat hai , sai baba ( of jackey shroff) , nakshatra( of milind soman) , musa of again jackie , and finally daayein ya baayein( on bela negio , deepak dobrayal) .Agar professional ke dil se pooche to wo sirf ek hee film aisee hai jisko dekh kar apni rai ko badlega warna baaaki kee teeen to bina dekhe hee result maaalum hai, aur inhee teen filmo ko dekhna hee un critic kee patience ka bharpoor test hai.

Sirf DAAYEIN YA BAAYEIN he ek aisee film hai jo critiques mei thodi jigyasa jagati hai  jisko dekhne ke baad hee wo likna chahte hai.dekhne ke baad kya hota hai wo ek doosri kahani hai .

so i will be writing about films that i myself want to see , matlab ke agar pre deewali week mei koi film agar mai review karne kee sochta to sirf DAAYEIN YA BAAYEIN hee hoti uske alawa mera man nahi maaanta.Par mere man ka na maanana koi scale nahi hai ke film achi hai ya buri. Surprises ho sakte hai isliye cricket kee tarah i,e kabhi kabhi harbhajan bhee century maar sakta hai . Deewali hafte mei dono filme mai nahi dekh sakta is liye review karne ka sawaal hee paidse nahi hota.

so in this blog we i am trying to set some rules as what i will be writing on this blog.

1. blog will about hindi movies only

2, ispar har film nahi par kuch meri apne pasand kee hee filmo ko review karunga jinko dekhne ka mera khud man karta hai

3. blog kee bhasha Hinghlish hogi

4.reivew karna ka nazariya critically ke saath comercial angle ko dhyan mei rakhna hai ,, matlab ke beech kee raah , not only critiqe or trade analyst but somewhere in between them as i think both the aspects are important.

4.apne jeevan kuch pasandeeda filmo ke baarein mei bhee likhne kee koshish karunga

5. kuch pasandida directors, aaaj ke daur ke aur kyu

6. kuch pasandeeda directors guzre zamane ke,,

aur phir jaise jaisee man karta jaayega blog evolve hota jaayega. REVIEW ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DAAYEIN YA BAAYEIN,,,,,,,,, Pehla impression ke jahab bhee is film ka naam pada wo agrezi mei hee likha tha isliye release ke din tak  sahi naam samajh hee nahi aaaya,, daayein  right side lagne ke bajaye daaayan jaisa ( witch) jaisa laga ,, aur baaayein ( left) to agrezi mei likhe jaane kee wajaj se samajh hee nahi aaaya,, phir kisi dost ne bataya ke ye hindi waala daayein ya baayein hai. film ke liye craze badanae ke liye zimmedaar maanta hu , passion for cinema blog ko,, jispar kaafi kuch likha gaya  and coffin me aakhree keele gaaadi pankaj advani aur jaideep verma ke blog ne . dono ne bharpoor taareef kari hai film kee. then i  google about bela negi , she had assisted renu saluja in editing that increased the craze more, deepak dobrayal , to whom i think was the only actor in omkara who matched the skills of saif ali khan , unka is film mei  hona ek aur wajah bani ke film ko dekhna hai. film release huee delhi ke sirf ek cinema mei , ( i thank to PVR that they still do there bit for releasing off beat films) , ghar se 25 kilometer door tha theatre, office hours 4.55 ka ka show, par dil hai ke nahi maana aur pehla hee show dekha. There were 12 to 13 people in the cinema ,, and what i can understand most of them somehow related to the bela negi or to the film in some way. i was the only one who came to see the movie. film kee sirf eKllauti highlight uska behtareen gaana hai , that is the only time when you feel engrossed in the movie ,, rest bela negi kee direction bahut hee jyada paidal hai ,, it becomes very clear kee kaafi jyada footage shoot kee gayi  aur bina theek se edit kiye film mei daal dee gayi hai ,, e,g ek scene mei ek jeep ka driver , jo kee deepak aur uske bete ko lift dekar le ja raha hai ,, teeen baat ek hee harkat karta hai ,, ke uska pet kharab hai ,, etc etc,, samajh mei nahi aata ek doosre scene mei ke unki car kyu ek gaaye ( ya bhains) ke bachde to achanak bachane ke liye pahaad par chada dee jaati hai ,, isi tarah film bahut see betuki instances se bhari hai , scenes kahi jude mahsoos nahi hote,, deepak jaise actor ko poori tarah se waste kiya hai. box office par film kuch nahi kar sakti , kaafi logo ne ( including khalid mohammad ne film ko acha likha hai ,, kyu likha mai nahi jaanta , is film ke sabse ache  review likha hai Taran Aadarh   nei ,, jisko hamare so called professional crtiques sirf ek trade analyst kah kar ignore karte hai ,, par when i noticed that taran has more then one lakh followers of his on twitter, this can be not  all fake,, for me this film score one * star ,,,,,,,,,,,, and the recomendation is to remain away from this film.

so i close this first blog by thanking  Arvind arora  for motivating me to writer my heart out about the most important subject of my life at the moment .

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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