kaam ka plot– review

today , 7th of Nov 2010, was having the so called WORLD PREMIER of kaam ka plot film  on zoom TV. The name of ranvir added a bit curiosity and also the music of vishal bhardawaj.As i understood from the tweet of masand that the director is one of his friend Minty Tejpal therefore he stopped himself from giving his recommendation for the film. So there were no reviews before the movie started on ZOOM at 3pm.

At the start movie set moving  in a right way . l\Lagta that it will built up into a good thriller.But as the times passes you can feel the director is not clear that is he trying to make real film  ( which becomes clear from the scenes of  his friends of jhuggi jhopdi and with their standard of living and also by the character of ranvirs wife showing her in very normal day to day chores)  and then in some scenes it film looks very bollywoodish types,, like accepting us to belive  that   the thana ( police station) ranvir and vinay  they have set up  was naqli ,, and in thana they have created a staff with a jail locker kind, room also, expecting us to belive that in bombay sets can be made for any thing and a smart gir like mridul l( as they have projected) can be fooled so easily.

About the plot , in the strart it generates curiosity ,, but when it actually opens up you feel like that the director is underestimating its viewers so much.Lagta hai thug liya director ne humko ya khud ke saath majaak kiya hai .Thriller jaisee baat nahi hai , production value kaafi nichle star kee hai ,, lagta hai paise kum the .Music mei vishal bhardawaj ka naam kyu hai samajh nahi aata, shayad vishal agar chahe to apna naam is film se aaaj jodna bhee na chaahe.

Acting , ranvir is okie, as there is nothing to do for him much, Mridul ,, is looking fat , and not at all glamrous which was the need of the film , Only comic relief is Vinay Pathak ,, he is good,,,,,,,,,,, and that is the only reason that this film get  one star from me.

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