2010 -top Hindi films

This always remain important  to know what are the most important films of one,s life.Top films wo films hoti hai  jo  mere scale par top hai , aur kisi list mei bhee wo top par ho  ye bilkul zaroori nahi hai.Film ek bahut hee personal liking kee cheez hai isliye ye kehna kee aapkee pasandeeda film meri pasand kee kyu nahi hai is ka jawab dena bahut mushkil hai.

Top film ka matlab meri liya hai ,, over all film  na kee sirf photo graphy , ya sirf music , ya sirt action ,, make up etc  etc .

pehle koshish karta hu to list the most important films of year 2010.

1. ishqia ,

Aaj mai  sochta hu ki ISHQIA  wo film hai jisme naseerudin shayad abtak sabse jayda natural lage hai( next as per me  is masoom)  bilkul underline nahi kiya hai character ko zor zor se dialouge bolkar ya aaankhe nikaal kar  etc etc.

 Arshad warsi ,, ke ab tak ke filmi jeevan ke ye sabse khaas filmo mei se ek hai ,, aur jinko mai sabse khaas samajhta hu wo obviously hai ,, munna bhai MBBS , Lage raho munna bhai , aur ek teesri film hai arshad kee sabse pehli film Tere mere Sapne ,, kamaal kee acting and he had faded chardrchood singh completely in that film.

ISHQIA  ka sabse bada surprise Bomb tha VIDYA BALAN .Nobody had expected that she can do justice to this role,, par  film dekhne ke baad lagta hai ke role shayad unke alawa koi aur kar hee nahi sakta tha,, ten out of ten for her.

Behtareen direction , perfect maahol create kiya hai , aaas paas ke sabhi actors ne kamaal ke acting kee hai aur the most important thing is darshak poori tarah se film mei badha rehta hai , maza leta hai , enjoy karta hai ,, vidya ko paane kee khawaish karta hai ,,,

debut film is kadar behtareen direction ,, full marks to Abhishek chaubey ,, jagah jagah vishal bhardawaj kee omkara kee chaap dikhai padti hai par kum nahi lagti.vishal bhardawaj ka behtareen music aur gulzar ke perfect situation matching lyrics …for me it scores 4.5 starts.

sift ek kumi lagti hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,, not kumi ,,, actually ,, ek feeling aaathi hai ke shayad ye bahut hee kum female darshako ko pasand aayegee jaise kee Omkara ke saath bhee tha. For males is a wow film.

2. LSD

This is my second best film of 2010.Dibakar banerjee ne is film mei film making ke saare thumb rules tod diye aur uske baawajood ek behtareen film banaiye hai.This as per me is a cult film,, one which will set and open new trends , .Mere khayal se Dibakar banerjee kee ab tak banayee teen filmo mei se ye sirf sabse uper hee nahi ,, bahut uper hai .This film belong only and only to  Dibakar as the kind of big risk he has taken this shows his self confidence and understanding of the medium.I thoroghly  enjoyed it .Here again there is one thing that i would like to mention this film also will not be liked by girls( in genral i m sure there will be exceptions but only exceptions) .I am doubtful that many males also have not liked it and felt like ke director ne thug liye as there is no skin show in the movie which would have expected.And full marks to its very attractive poster.

3. Peepli Live.

salaam to anusha rizvi ( and offcourse her husband and co director)  and  aamir khan .

Sab kuch acha,, right message, , entertaining,, great music, engaging,, hard hitting.

sirf ek shikyayat ,,,, thodi over the top ho gayi thee specially when discribing about media .Par ye ek choti see baat hai else film was very special .Even i heard shyam bengal reffering it as a cult film which i too agree.Thanks to aamir khan for spending money on such project and then taking it to such large people.Great efforts of every member of the team.The only shikayat,,, in one of the interviews in Indian Express anusha and her husband criticised amir for just two small non agreements ,, 1. he didnt liked the song ( sakhi sayia to khoob hee kamaat hai)  and 2.  he at the end of the film proposed to show a placard ,, mentioning these many numbers of farmers do sucide in India.These suggestion were not acceptable to director couple and they felt unhabby about amir.

As a producer ,, who has spent 6 crores on a new director i think he has that much of right to interfere as it was his money.But this is my point of view ANUSHA has the right for her point of view.But this will remain a great film .We wish this film great luck in OSCARS.As obama has visited this years to India we hope indian film on indian subject  film bring the oscar too.

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