Guzarish — donn know to call it a painting or a poem

i thought while i was writng my last blog(top films of 2010  )I had  never ever imagined that i would like to add any other  future films in that list in the coming months ( remaining time of november and December ) ,,,,,,,,,,,But to my pleaseant surprise GUZAARISH ,,, which i saw today tops the list,, yes it tops the list ,, because making such a bigger project and keeping it so special from the starting frame till the very last frame  .

I had made up my mind to see this movie  after i enjoyed its lovly songs  on TV and in between i tweeted to convey my feeling that some how it is giving me the feel of pakeezah and pyasa. Till that time i was comparing the looks of the movie with these classics,, but after seeing it today i am more then convinced by the direction style of sanjay leela  bhansali which makes it a very special film He once again proves that this  is not only  medium of music , dilaouge, looks or  visulas , etc but  is also a medium which can take you to the dream land , each frame of it can be a feel of heaven , its so special feeling in this flight to to the other world with sanjay leela. To enjoy this movie one has to leave behind logic ( as we do in comedy) then only one can relish the each and every moment of the this very special film. Only the reviews of Ajay  Bhramataj ( OF DANIK JAGRAN) does justice to the film ( even the tweeets of komal nahta and Taran adarsh also says the same in different words)  .The same way , one cant see the air or smell  but has to feel it  same way is the feeel of this movie you can not disect these kind of movies logically  .It takes you in different word , every song is toooooooooooooooo  good and every word in the song is  important for the film by telling the mind of the characters.Sanjay leela scores full marks in Music but it takes time ( except udi  udi) to seep inside you but then  only a music lover can feeel the depth of the it.

Krithik  Roshan its easily his lifes best performace  till date which he himself will also agree (which he almost did in his interivew with masand) aishwariya ever after loosing the the label of top selling heroine  but she is top actress that no body can deny after looking at this performace. Shahnaz patel leaves her mark as krithik friend and lawyer and also the performace of suhel  seth ( as doctor) also is worth noticing as this  is his debut film i assume .  camera work is is like jaadu …………..every frame seems like a painting ,,,,,

FINAL WORD  AND    WARNING 🙂 this film will apeal ONLY  to  emotional people , people who love art , painting, poetry romance and music,,, and to the people who liked pakeezah,pyaasa,razia sultan,megha dhaka tara,jodha akbar,kagaz ke phool etc,,, hats off  to sanjay leela bhansali for giving us this Gem.ITS A MUST WATCH .

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