top ten hindi movies

whenever some one is selecting  best films , he or she forgot to mention that this  selection is done at what age?. As selection gets very much influenced by ones age who is selecting it.
 if one is selecting his best films at a age of 20 years then this will  be quite a different selections  versus  the same person does his selection  when he reaches 30 or 40 and so  on.
. Therefore Age is a factor which indirectly conveys the  evolution  of  the particular person who is selecting them. But evolution cannot be taken as a measure of ones intelligence.These are just different stages of life which influences  your liking for particular films.
Second  most important thing to be mentioned is that every person  has  his own liking and disliking for a particular film , so it is entirely a personal choice and no one can claim that my  choice is better then the other.
My choice of best ten hindi films( at the age 47  years) is  as follows and the top in ranking are placed first and so on
1. Garam hawa
2. Mughle Azam
3. Sholey
4. Guide
5  Lage raho  munna bhai
6. Chupke Chupke
7 Do bheega Zameen
8  Gangs of Waasseypur ( part 1)
9. Munna Bhai  MBBS
10). Kaagaz ke Phool
  below four more films  were also came quite close to making it to the top ten , therefore worth a mention
11 . Pyaasa
12 Anand
13. Teesri kasam
14. Saheb Biwi aur Gulam
please share your top ten films.
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